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We love new pouches, don’t we? And we love it even more when it’s made from Chanel. So introducing the Chanel Velvet Quilted Evening Pouch from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. These pouches resemble the styles of the popular Chanel O Cases, but the look is completely different. And like what we’ve always said; a mix of styles in your wardrobe is a healthy thing.

Perhaps this is not the regular diamond quilted pouch that we are used to, but for each and every style, there is a matching bag. Now Chanel is famous for making quilted designs, but they haven’t crafted one with Velvet-lined quilting before. The quilting is purposely made in extra large size to grab the attention of the audience. The lines are beautifully highlighted with the same color of the bag, but then darker or lighter. The pouch is completely made in Velvet, which is a super soft and luxurious material, but it’s a bit harder to maintain than calfskin leather. Because this is for the fall collection, Chanel purposely picked darker colors to match with your rainy coat.

This pouch also comes with the new interlocking CC logo. It’s made in golden hardware, but in sophisticated cracked style mixed with black hardware pieces. And for those that are interesting, here are the full details:

Chanel Small Velvet Quilted Pouches
Style code: A82709
Size: 20 x 27.5 x 1 cm
Prices: $800 USD, €760 euro, $6000 HKD, $1200 SGD, ¥91800 JPY, ¥5900 CNY

Chanel Medium Velvet Quilted Pouches
Style code: A82710
Size: 24 x 35 x 1.5 cm
Prices: $900 USD, €840 euro, $6600 HKD, $1330 SGD, ¥101520 JPY, ¥6500 CNY

Chanel Large Velvet Quilted Pouches
Style code: A82711





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Summer Beach Outfit For Teens


Summer Beach Outfit for Teens Summer Beach Outfit for Teens

Summer beach outfit featuring a cozy style inspiration and is perfect for hot weather like at this time to the teens. Moreover, the style is simple and will not elaborate despite a day of moving outdoors. Try inspiration summer beach outfit for a holiday to the beach so you can still look cool. Check the summer beach outfit inspiration for teens that you can follow.

Summer Beach Outfit in Pink Summer Beach Outfit for TeensSummer Beach Outfit Trends Summer Beach Outfit for TeensSummer Beach Outfit Summer Beach Outfit for TeensBest Summer Beach Outfit 2016 Summer Beach Outfit for TeensBest Summer Beach Outfit for Teens Summer Beach Outfit for TeensSummer Beach Dresses Summer Beach Outfit for TeensSummer Beach Outfit 2016 for Teens Summer Beach Outfit for TeensSummer Beach Outfit 2016 Summer Beach Outfit for TeensSummer Beach Outfit Denim Summer Beach Outfit for TeensSummer Beach Outfit for Teens 2016 Summer Beach Outfit for Teens

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Balenciaga F/W17 Triangle Duffle

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I know what you’re going to say, Balenciaga has been making the strangest of bags lately. But think of it this way, better be strange and unusual than cookie-cutter boring, right? And while this bag might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s really no harm taking a closer look either, especially when it will definitely remind you of, say, a samosa (a triangle-shaped pasty that’s often deep-fried and filled with savoury bits).

From Demna Gvasalia’s F/W17 collection for the French luxury label, the Triangle Duffle is quite literally, in a shape of a triangle (seriously Alvin, was that the best you can do?). Available in at least 2 different sizes, each of these sizes come with a pair of top handles, along with a long shoulder sling that allows one to wear it any which way you prefer. There’s also a much smaller version sans handles and sling that’s a clutch, which is adorable too but we’ll save that for another post at a later date.

Priced at SGD2070 and SGD2940 in Singapore for sizes Small and Medium respectively, it comes in Black, it comes in Gris, it even comes in a tasty golden Beige Caramel that really looks like a freshly deep-fried samosa. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

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Joie Rey Tiered Maxi Dress $232.80 (previously $388)
Joie Rey Tiered Maxi Dress $232.80 (previously $388)
A slip dress maxi features romantic ruffles and scalloped lace edges in porcelain white.

It’s finally here! Nordstrom has unveiled its Half-Yearly Sale where you can expect up to 40% off on amazing pieces. Choose from clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories to kick up your summer wardrobe. Nordstrom features top brands like COACH, Burberry, Joie, Diane von Furstenberg and Free People in the lineup. From lightweight maxi dresses to leather bags, discover some of our favorites below. 


COACH Jill Flat $105 (previously $125)
COACH Jill Flat $105 (previously $125)
A classic pair of flats comes in a rich leather with golden studs decorating the top.
Free People Be My Baby Maxi Dress $88 (previously $148)
Free People Be My Baby Maxi Dress $88 (previously $148)
This flowy maxi dress features a button-front with a bohemian print and v-neckline.
Burberry Studded Small Elmstone Leather Shoulder Bag $956.98 (previously $1,595)
Burberry Studded Small Elmstone Leather Shoulder Bag $956.98 (previously $1,595)
A leather shoulder bag features the Burberry logo at the front with a touch of gold.
Diane von Furstenberg Satin Yoke Fit Flare Dress $238.80 (previously $398)
Diane von Furstenberg Satin Yoke Fit Flare Dress $238.80 (previously $398)
This tailored dress features a timeless fit and flare silhouette with a jewel embellished neckline.
Alexander McQueen Mini Heart Embellished Calfskin Crossbody Bag $1,556.98 (previously $2,595)
Alexander McQueen Mini Heart Embellished Calfskin Crossbody Bag $1,556.98 (previously $2,595)
Make a statement with an embroidered handbag featuring sequined florals.

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Celebs Bring a Bunch of Birkins, Brunello Cucinelli and Fendi Bags to Beverly Hills and Beyond

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Chanel: Singapore’s First Ephemeral Boutique To Open At Marina Bay Sands

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According to Merriam-Webster, ephemeral means to last for a very short time. It is how Chanel describes their pop-up boutiques, that for the longest time have only appeared in the most exotic of locales like Courchevel, Le Marais and Saint-Tropez, just to name a few. Come 16 June 2017, however, Singapore will join the ranks of these famed locations and open its very own stand-alone Chanel Ephemeral Boutique at Marina Bay Sands for a limited time only.

Slated to run till the end of October 2017, it will house 3 distinct collections from the get-go, starting with the #ParisCosmopolite Métiers d’Art collection that I had the pleasure of previewing at the glitzy Ritz Hotel in Paris last year.

But before I reveal more of what you can expect from Chanel’s first ephemeral boutique in Singapore, here’s an interview I did with Chanel’s President of Fashion Bruno Pavlovsky just before the Fall-Winter 2017(#CHANELGroundControl) show (remember that giant space rocket?) on the Chanel surprise, retail pop-ups now and his Chanel must-haves for every woman.

How does it feel to be the man behind the world’s largest luxury brand for women?
I don’t know if it’s important if it’s a man or woman behind Chanel. What I know is Chanel is unique and special and has built its business model supported by creativity. Fashion is the key word at Chanel. And even though we have watches, fine jewellery and fragrances, fashion ultimately is the backbone of our business.

My job is to give the right support to the creative process and be able to define this creative vision, to maximise each collection. When I say maximise the collection, we take what we have and try to amplify it the best we can. We are not a marketing-driven company; we are in a trend-driven company. And that’s what makes Chanel so successful.

You say you’re not a marketing-driven company but one driven by creativity. How then do you ensure that you are always on top of the game, from a business point of view?
Our objective is to make sure that we allow our customers to dream – that’s an important part of our creative vision. We create the dreams. More importantly, we have to constantly surprise them. A key message at Chanel? Let Chanel surprise you. I think that’s something very powerful and true. We need to surprise our customers and keep them engaged, and Mr Karl Lagerfeld does this very well.

He expresses this creativity through different collections, different shows, different exhibitions, different boutiques, different products. Everything that we are doing is simply approaching creativity from different angles. And while it might be different, there’s still consistency which is what makes Chanel so unique to our customers.

Chanel launches a new fashion collection almost every 2 months. How do you keep up with it?
Passion. The people who are working with us, the ateliers, the maisons, they are working every day, working on every step of the creative process. They make it happen, they are in charge of taking Chanel’s creative vision and bringing it to life.

Lagerfeld brings about a vision, and its key for the next step of the development process, it never stops. Tomorrow (a day after this Fall-Winter 2017 show), we have a meeting with Lagerfeld to start to work on the Cruise 2018 collection.

After this show, this collection goes into production. There are people taking care of this, while others will focus on the next one. Our people are important to us; they allow us to constantly be on the move, moving into new collections, moving towards the future.

In our current global climate, a lot of the shows are getting smaller and more intimate, so why is it important for Chanel to continue doing such grand, large-scale shows?
We have small and big. The Haute Couture presentation was much smaller, December’s #ParisCosmopolite at the Ritz Hotel was much smaller.

Not really, it was still big with 3 shows that ran from morning to night.
But it was much smaller and more intimate. (laughs) Here at the Fall-Winter 2017 presentation, it is one show, 3000 people and a giant space rocket! At the end of the day we are only able to do that because the collection is very strong. And it is a collection that everyone will remember. Two hours from now, when we talk about this show, everyone will remember this rocket because they were so surprised. Everyone will also remember the bags that came down the runway along with it, the clothes, the looks, the accessories, and it was only possible because we put on this grand, large-scale show, to help all 3000 guests dream the Chanel dream.

What’s the kind of retail experience one can expect when walking into any Chanel boutique around the world? And what will they take away from the store?
They will feel the energy of each collection. A lot of work is done to ensure that in every single boutique in the world, when you walk in, you will feel that you’ve seen the entire collection, the showroom, the show even, that’s very important, and that’s the Chanel way.

With regards to retail pop-ups, is it going to be more and more commonplace? Like the one we had last year in Singapore with #ChanelAirlines at Pedder on Scotts?
Yes, we do a few every year. It’s not so much about having pop-ups just for business. We see it as a new avenue of creativity that we want to offer in some countries, in some cities, to attract and engage with our customers new and old. It’s a new way, in my opinion, to communicate the strong creativity we have at Chanel.

This is a question for my readers. What are the 3 items every woman should have from Chanel? What would you suggest?
Jacket. Bags. Shoe.

Specific bag, specific shoe?
(laughs) For me, we have iconic pieces at Chanel. The little black jacket is one. For bags, the 2.55 is my favourite, I’m not very original! (laughs) And something which is an important part of Chanel’s history would be the two-tone ballerina. That would be my shoe of choice.

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