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They said that the fairytale story of Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life and we couldn’t agree more! Finally the long wait is over! Hail the newest and sexiest Saint Laurent Opyum Pumps, which are too gorgeous not to notice! We bet you that even your modern day prince charming would take the time to stop, stare and admire your high caliber fashion taste.

A signature pair of pumps from Saint Laurent in patent leather with cleverly designed structural, metal interlocking YSL signature heel and low cut vamp, these shoes are definitely made for walking and conquering the world with your exceptional style!

Every famous fashion terms are allowed here to describe the shoes – classic because of the YSL heels, minimalistic because of the solid color, sexy because they’re dangerous pumps and so unique.

Made from 100% calfskin leather with leather sole, these pumps are a match made in heaven for women who are looking for a sure fire way to glam up their OOTDS. Pair them over your office dress, blouse and skirt ensemble, or even over your ordinary shirt and jeans as these pumps never fail to deliver a solid fashion statement.

The total heel height is 4.3” inches and it is available in black or silver YSL heels, priced at $995 USD via Saint Laurent boutiques.








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Chanel Ballerina: An Icon Since 1984

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The backstory is straightforward enough. Back in 1984, Karl Lagerfeld (who had been with Chanel for only a year then), was inspired by a two-tone slingback Gabrielle Chanel created in 1957. His interpretation became known as the Ballerina. Made in Beige to lengthen the leg, and capped with a black toe to shorten the foot (because, anything to flatter the feet, right?), it has become a house icon since, something you’ll always find on the shoe shelves of any Chanel boutique you walk into.


The iconic Chanel bag? The Classic Flap. The one piece of RTW every woman should have? That would be the little black jacket. Jewellery? Pearls, pearls and more pearls. And when it comes to footwear, yes, you guessed it, it’s the ballerina. The essential style equivalent to, say, loafers for men (or is it sneakers these days), this is one shoe that’s the perfect weekend everything.

Relaxed, without being sloppy (impossible with the stitched CC logo, the little leather ribbon and of course, the contrasting toe cap), Chanel’s ballerina is also easy to wear (I mean, it’s a slip-on after all), it’s comfortable and most importantly, it will complete most any outfit you intend to wear for the day, be it tea with the girlfriends or shopping up and down Orchard Road.


Now available in a plethora of colours, finishes and materials, you’ll find the ballerinas in everything from lambskin to suede, from grosgrain to woven metallic plastic threads, something new for the Spring-Summer 2017 collection. Priced from SGD860 a pair and up, you’ll only need to head to your nearest Chanel boutique to try them out. And if the shoe fits… well, you’ll know what to do.

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Gienchi Skulls Studded Canvas High Top Sneakers

LuisaViaRoma have once again introduced another exclusive pair of wonderfully different sneakers to footwear lovers. This time they’ve turned our heads to the niche, yet fantastic Italian shoe brand, Gienchi.

Gienchi are a relatively young brand, founded only in 2006 from the creative mind of revolutionary artist and designer Giancarlo Grossi. Born in Lodi, a small town situated very close to the beautiful city of Milan.

The signature look of the Gienchi collection is the unmistakable use of studs on nearly all of their pieces, this surely paved the way for the increase of the spiked love amongst the fashion industry, the look plagiarised by multiple rival brands.

The novel idea of using studs throughout their sneaker range was inspired by Grossi’s childhood, spending much of his youth in his grandfathers mechanic shop amongst the beautiful classic cars housed within. This in turn kickstarted his love of small metal objects such as nails and bolts.

In later years, this gave him the idea of applying small metal objects to his own personal sneaker collection. Wearing these home made creations in and around Milan, caused an a massive interest from onlookers, prompting Grossi to launch the Gienchi brand.

In 2014 Gienchi hit worldwide success, stores from all around the world began stocking these exclusive sneakers, the number of which has reached over 400 plus. Going from strength to strength each year. This year the brand decided upon a slight name change, calling themselves Metal Gienchi in a nod to their roots.

This exclusive skulls and studded sneaker from LuisaViaRoma features all the hallmarks that makes Gienchi so unique. With an all over crisp white canvas base, upon which is a monogram skull print in a blue tint. Featuring the trademark silver studs all across the shoe. Each sneaker is lovingly hand crafted in Italy by expert hands, ensuring a perfect shoe. Team these with a pair of well fitted skinny jeans and tee for that superb casual look.

Available exclusively online from LuisaViaRoma in a small amount of numbers, so be sure to grab a pair before they sell out! Let Fashion Runway know what you think!






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You No Longer Need to Be Cinderella to Own a Pair of Glass Slippers

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You No Longer Need to Be Cinderella to Own a Pair of Glass Slippers

Prince Charming, who? Cinderella may have needed him to come around with a perfectly sized glass slipper, but the modern woman looking for her princess moment only requires the services of Charlotte Olympia. The designer has created a capsule collection of shoes and accessories in anticipation of the upcoming live-action Disney movie.

In addition to her unique take on the iconic glass slipper, the line features two evening purses and a pair of heels. Ready to buy your own piece of the fairy tale? The items will be available for preorder on Feb. 16.

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Top 5 Caged Sandals: Strappy Situation

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Christian Louboutin, Lanvin, Giuseppe Zanotti, B Brian Atwood, Alexander McQueen Caged Sandals

Sometimes feeling caged isn’t such a bad thing. The shoe trend continues to ride high and will all the way through fall, so find a pair you love and step right in. Besides, some of these are on sale. Hello! It’s a sign from the universe (or Bergdorf Goodman – depends on which altar you pray at). Go all in with McQueen and Zanotti, or try something like the Lanvin that’ll give you the look without the heavy hand. Which cage would you like to find yourself in?

Christian Louboutin Karina Caged Red-Sole Ankle Bootie : This is the strappy shoe for all occasions – it’s fierce, yet the suede gives it serious wearability.

Alexander McQueen Studded Leather Cage Booties  If you don’t want to stop at sexy black straps, why not add studs to the mix?

Lanvin Patent Leather Cage Sandal : The brand’s signature grosgrain ribbon lightens the intensity of patent caging with a distinctly feminine touch.

B Brian Atwood Mirante Studded Stretch Cage Sandal : Black snakeskin, pointy silver studs, and a metal heel – this is the kind of shoe that will inspire fear and awe wherever you step.

Giuseppe Zanotti Mirrored Peep-Toe Cage Bootie : Maybe you find dark cages oppressive. Giuseppe’s mirrored gold takes off some of the edge.

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What’s the Difference: Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle, Pigalle Follies and So Kate Pumps

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