Chanel Pearl Whitening Spring 2015 Makeup Collection


The brand-new Chanel Pearl Whitening spring 2015 makeup collection is all about sophistication and natural looks that place the focus on the woman’s lovely facial features. Composed of soft eyeshadow, lip and blush tones, the new limited edition makeup line of the fashion giant has been inspired from ballet beauty, hence the name of the collection and the soft shades available. Think lovely beiges, light pinks and peaches this spring to welcome the warm days with a fresh, youthful and radiant look. Browse through all the products available in this beautiful collection below!

Chanel Pearl Whitening Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi Effect Quadra Eyeshadow ($61.00) (Limited Edition)

Create soft smokey eye makeup look using the four pretty shades captured inside this eyeshadow palette. This is definitely the star piece of the entire collection, bringing baby pink, beige, muted purple and a lovely metallic shade that can create endless romantic looks both for daytime wear and for the days you want to go out clubbing.

• #248 Tisse Rhapsodie

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush ($45.00)

Natural makeup does require wearing a soft blush tone, usually pink or peach, which creates a lovely flushed look enhancing the healthy glow of the complexion. This is also what the new Chanel makeup collection preaches to do, bringing this lovely blush available in:

• #250 Pink Ballet – delicate sparkling pink

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadow ($36.00)

In case you prefer mono eyeshadow tones to wear alone or in combination with the shades you already have in your beauty kit, the collection also brings this versatile glittery silver color, which is especially great for creating soft smokey eye looks.

• #102 Platinum – silver with delicate pearl

Chanel Pearl Whitening Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner ($32.00)

If you prefer wearing eyeliner for adding more drama and depth to your eye makeup looks, here is the best shade you need for the new season!

• #916 Moonlight – platinum gray

Chanel Chiffon Blush (Limited Edition)

There is also one more blush shade available in the collection just in case you didn’t like the other one. It’s also a delicate pink infused with a soft peach accent for a more sensual look.

• #80 Invitation – delicate peachy pink

Chanel Rouge Allure ($35.00)

When it comes down to your lips, you need a soft color to match your entire natural makeup look. And here is the ideal lipstick Chanel has prepared for you this spring:

• #158 Cyclotron – elegant classic pink rose

Chanel Pearl Whitening Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Chanel Harmonie Levres Arabesque Lip Palette (Limited Edition)

For those girls who give more preference to lip makeup than eye looks, the collection also features a lipstick palette composed of 5 versatile tones from light rose to burgundy with different finishes.

The Chanel Pearl Whitening spring 2015 makeup collection is set to become available for purchase in Japan starting with February 13th, 2015, while the U.S. launch date is scheduled for February.

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Lancome Bright Eyes Spring 2015 Makeup Collection


The Lancome Bright Eyes spring 2015 makeup collection is the next tempting offering from the renowned brand for the upcoming warm months after launching theLancome French Innocence collection. Beauty Lupita Nyongo’s is the face of the ad campaign for the lineup, embodying the beauty ideology of the collection. The new Lancome collection places the focus on creating bright and big eyes through mixing and matching luscious eyeshadow colors with each other and finishing it all off with the perfect mascara. Lupita is one big fan of sporting vibrant colors, so no wonder she represents the philosophy of the collection just perfectly. Below, discover all the products included in the new collection!

Lancome Bright Eyes Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Lancome Bright Eyes Color Design’ Shadow & Liner Palette ($50.00)

This wonderful eyeshadow and liner palette is the star piece of the entire collection, comprising five lovely shades that will instantly brighten up your eyes. Mix and match the shades to create soft daytime and sensually bold night looks. The eyeshadows also feature a long-wear, eight-hour formula to ensure your stunning look for the entire day or night. Pick your favorite palette from:

• 213 Rosy Flush
• 313 Jacaranda Bloom
• 602 Gris Fumee

Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof’ Long Lasting EyeLiner ($27.00)

Add mystery and depth to your eye makeup using the most ideal long-lasting eyeliner. These eyeliner options are especially great additions to your nighttime party looks, when you want your eye makeup to appear highly dramatic and expressive. There are two shades available, which are:

• Noir Intense
• Steel

Lancome Bright Eyes Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eye Color Base ($26.00)

To make sure your eye makeup looks really flawless and doesn’t crease or smudge throughout the day, make it a habit to start it with the perfect eye color base. This is exactly what the new Lancome collection encourages to do, bringing 5 different eye color bases to match your eye makeup hues.

• 01 Beige Ivoire
• 02 Beige Porcelaine
• 03 Nude
• 05 Noisette
• 06 Sienne

Lancome Bright Eyes Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

The Lancome Bright Eyes spring 2015 makeup collection is already available for purchase in the USA and you can get your favorite pieces from the line at Nordstrom or Macy’s.

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12 Common Hair Myths Debunked


Our most precious asset is usually our hair, no matter the length of the tresses. Whether we’re looking at a long waist length mane or a pixie cut of certain glamour, our lovely locks are precious and often full of unique problems we must figure out a way to solve. These include strange cowlicks and unruly curls that pouf up like crazy if we don’t care for it right. The problem is that there are so many hair myths about how to care for your hair that we often have a hard time separating fact from fiction. There are many rules, all somehow meant to cover up or correct possible flaws in our potential beauty. The disapproving glances of strangers,grandmother’s tips and tricks, the ads that scream at you because your hair is not as shiny as the model’s… it all has a major effect on how we look at ourselves and what we see reflecting back from that mirror. Just because you have been categorized into the non-beautiful section doesn’t mean that’s truly what you are. You aren’t ugly. You certainly aren’t grotesque. If you don’t fit the mold than that means you broke it when you were born so that no one else can look as amazing as you do. Now that is a pep talk I always want to be giving myself when I stare at that mirror and find characteristics to admire instead of detest.

12 Common Hair Myths Debunked

Some hair styling rules are just made to be broken. Here’s where they are totally, utterly and completely wrong about your hair and your beauty. Check out these 12 common hair myths that we have debunked for you!

1. Wearing extra pounds means you can’t pull off a pixie: That is a whole load of idiocy right there and then. One would normally swear in this instance. The truth is that you can look fabulous in a pixie or any other form of short hair, no matter you size. It’s all about your face and the contours there. In any case, if you love the short hair on yourself, that confidence will show and you will look beautiful with whichever hairstyle you choose. Your size doesn’t matter and there is no excuse for not doing what you want… particularly if it’s all a societal myth. Wear it and own it and you will look magnificent.

2. Bangs don’t suit a baby face: Who made this rule up? Yeah, they look great with a higher forehead and on, but have you noticed that most kids have bangs as their parents do their best to keep the hair out of the eyes? Somehow a round face means no bangs allowed. You’re wrong; bangs can be cut in different ways, from thinner wisps to thicker side sweeps. Bangs are meant to fit well with any shape of face and an experienced stylist can get it right for you.

3. Red hair looks terrible with certain skin tones: That is absurd! Have you never seen an Indian with henna in her hair? Have you never noticed that people sometimes color their hair greens and blues and blonde? The skin tone is a silly reason to steer clear of the red hair. If you think you’ll look great with it, if you’re feeling red is your color, then you should, without a doubt, go for the look. There are so many shades of red to choose from, this myth is beyond ridiculous. One of them is bound to match your skin tone well.

4. Cutting your hair makes it grow faster: That is a terrible myth that only gets out hopes up. It’s the myth we’ve been told as kids when we didn’t want to go to the local barber shop. However, the truth is that it won’t make your hair grow faster but it will keep it healthy. The breakage make the hair look thinner, while when you cut it, particularly with blunt ends, it looks thicker and fuller. This might give the illusion of faster growth that’s simply not true. Unfortunately we trick ourselves and our children into believing it is.

5. If you pluck one, you’ll get double the greys: Thank goodness this is a myth! Can you imagine how terrible a feeling it is to remove a single grey piece and then see 2 or 3 sprout in its stead? More any woman knows about that horror felt the moment you realize what you have done. Fear no more though! It’s but a myth. The bad news though is that if you have a single grey, chances are that you’ll be getting a few more very quickly, if you don’t already have more. You shouldn’t pluck the hair for other reasons though. Your hair becomes weaker over time and the more you pluck the strands, the less likely it is that they will grow back. Here and there is not a problem at all, but once you start going grey all over, you might want to see a stylist and choose a color that you would prefer your hair to be.

See also: How To Use Hair Chalk

6. If you have greys, you should cut your hair short: Who doesn’t want to be a lovely silver vixen, a princess of the moon, so to say? Why let your greys and silver strands age you when you can wear them with style and let them become a part of your fabulous self. Why cut it short and let it age you with something that’s going to be unflattering? You can go for a style that looks great, young, chic and perfectly you, long or short, but never feel the need to show yourself as older than you are just because you are now a salt and pepper look. Revel in it, add more silver to create fashionable streaks and in general just enjoy your mane the way it is. If you feel the need to color, go for it; you are not obligated though. You are your own master and get to do it your way. If you are over 60, it’s not necessary to get that pixie. Instead, opt for a pretty braid that falls over your shoulder or blow-dry our gorgeous locks into straight or wavy styles that put Hollywood stars to shame.

7. You should shampoo every day: You should be shampooing your hair as not doing so will cause oil build-up that will lead to inflammation and ultimately stunt hair growth. However, shampooing every single day will also cause problems as it will dry out the natural oils and not allow for its natural lubrication. Plus, it makes you overproduce sebum to make up for the dried oils, making your hair become greasier, sooner. You can shampoo 3 times a week and you’ll be great. You can also use alternatives to shampoo, such as baking soda and apple-cider vinegar. Go for the more natural shampoos if you want to keep to it and reduce the chemicals you use in your hair. Either way, don’t go without shampooing because you think it will cause you to shed, and don’t shampoo daily because it is counterproductive. Keep to a healthy balance, use more natural shampoos to get the work done and keep your scalp hydrated. That’s the best way to ensure you never have shower worries again.

8. You need to wage war on your frizz: Why? Because it’s unnatural? It doesn’t look good? Honestly, that’s all a perception of the mind. Once it looked strange to tie your hair, now it’s the frizz that causes problems. Instead, you should go with the flow and style your hair according to the weather, without fighting a losing battle. Sometimes your hair is going to be frizzy, particularly if you’re biracial it appears. You need not frustrate yourself over it, instead enjoying the soft halo it creates over your head. Try different products and routines to tame the mane, but if you find that nothing’s working, just let it be. Chances are it will be fine tomorrow and you no longer will need to fret about all that frizz.

9. Blondes have more fun: That is discriminatory in every way possible. There are so many innuendos to be found in that simple statement, it’s not even funny. Being blonde does have its perks, such as garnering attention when you are looking for some or having random strangers commit to random acts of kindness just because of your looks, it can also be a problem. One, people will generally think you’re an easy lay, you’re dumb or any other unbelievably ridiculous stereotype. Plus, why go with a simple blonde shade when you can experiment with brighter colors and have fun with it. It is, after all, just hair that will eventually grow out, no matter what crazy hue you decide to make it.

10. Coloring the hair makes it unhealthy: There are many products that can damage your hair, causing problems for you in the long run. Bleaching, for example, is probably one of the worst things you can do to your locks, as removing the color also makes it thinner and more brittle, prone to breakage. It is perfectly fine to color your hair if you’re going darker though as most products on that end are safer and often add shine and a healthy volume to the mane itself. So don’t be afraid of damaging your hair, so long as it’s not bleach you’re using and it’s a darker shade you’re trying to achieve.

11. You shouldn’t dye your hair while pregnant: We’re not quite sure who came up with this particular myth but it’s definitely a piece of baloney. The risk does exist, of course, but that’s because a woman, particularly a pregnant one, should not be inhaling ammonia. The safer alternative to hair color products is the natural henna dye that is plant-derived and ammonia free. You can’t, however, have the ammonia absorbed through the scalp and there’s very little of the chemical in the products that is normally cleared out of a room when you’re at the salon. In either case, henna is a favourite and may be your best route. Plus, the color is awesome and the Middle Eastern/Indian staple is great for your hair and scalp! You might even want to try a henna tattoo while you’re at it, particularly around wedding season. It’s a rather interesting tradition to henna your hands, sometimes the face and often the feet.

12. Your shampoos make a difference to your hair: Here, you have to be careful. What type of difference are we talking about? If you think certain shampoos will make your hair fuller, you’ll be mistaken because while certain ingredients to help increase the blood flow to the scalp that can stimulate hair growth, it’s more of a volume you’re seeing that will come right down with a different product. If you think changing around your shampoos is going to be a healthier practice for your hair, then again you believe in a myth. You can use the same shampoo or change it up to get different effects, sometimes even combine them for some fun, but it makes no difference if you change or no. It’s just that each product has its own unique effects on your hair. You can stick to the same shampoo for 50 years and nothing will happen though. You might just get bored and need some novelty in your hair. As for sudsy shampoos cleaning better, that is another lie someone fed you and it was most probably a belief that came about from watching too many shampoo commercials. Shampoo doesn’t need to lather to do its job well. On the contrary, some of the best effects I’ve seen are by shampoos with minimal lather. While it may not give you a better clean, the sulphates causing the suds will probably fade your hair coloring if you dye it. It can even pose a health risk if you’re not careful. Try a shampoo wherein the sulphates have been replaced with glycerine instead for a safer wash.

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Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Makeup Collection


The Paul & Joe Menagerie spring 2015 makeup collection is the cutest pack of lovely makeup products and colors that any fashioniser would dream to have for the new warm season. Inspired from the world of menagerie, the products included in this collection come captured inside uber-dazzling packaging bearing motifs of the animal kingdom. Moreover, the powders and eyeshadows are adorned with interesting and whimsical textures reflecting certain animal prints that designer Sophie Mechaly used to make the entire makeup application a much fun process. Add lovely shades and an amazing quality to these features and you are going to instantly fall in love with this magic collection!

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Menagerie Face & Eye Color CS (Limited Edition)

Inspired from flamingos, elephants and giraffes, these playful and luxurious palettes feature lovely highlighter and blush tones for adding radiance and softness to your cheeks. There are also spectacular eyeshadows captured inside each case, which can be mixed and matched for creating delicate spring-ready eye makeup looks. The palettes feature four colors, each of which is embossed with different animal patterns, where the hippo stands for the accent color, the cat is a lovely eyeshadow tone, the swan is a highlighter, while the elephant is the pattern for the cheek and eye color (blush). There are three different palettes you can choose from:

• 094 Les Flamants Roses
• 095 Girafe
• 096 Elephanteau

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Menagerie Lipstick CS (Limited Edition)

Coming down to the lips, we discover three highly pigmented and long-lasting lipstick shades capable of adding a pop of color to your day-to-day and party looks. In addition, there are three playful lipstick cases available (25 Giraffe, 26 Monkey and 27 Fox), which can be mixed and matched to house the vibrant lipstick tones. The lip shades available are:

• 090 Renard – delicate beige
• 091 Menagerie – fresh coral
• 092 Canary – glamorous red

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Menagerie Nail Polish (Limited Edition)

The lovely Paul & Joe Menagerie spring 2015 makeup collection also brings five French-inspired nail polish shades, which perfectly capture the zoo’s colors ranging from the pink of a parrot’s crest to the lush green of a peacock’s plumage. Each of the lacquers is formulated with organic plant oils in order to keep your nails healthy, while the long-lasting and quick-dry formula guarantees the flawless manicure you strive to get. Choose your favorite from these fabulous hues:

• 001 Kangeroo (kangaroo) – elegant beige
• 002 Ours Polaire (polar bear) – creamy white
• 003 Perroquet Rose (pink parrot) – pastel pink
• 004 Tortue Verte (green turtle) – pastel green
• 005 Plumes de Paon (peacock feathers) – rick turquoise

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

The international launch date of the Paul & Joe Menagerie spring 2015 makeup collection is set in January, 2015. Make sure to instantly grab your favorites, as the pieces come in limited quantities and they’ll surely fly off the beauty shelves!

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Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign



Introducing the Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld and featuring model Gisele Bundchen. The campaign is called ‘afterdark’, which explains why the images are released in black and white.



Gisele Bundchen was photographed wearing Spring 2015 Collection including the Chanel Classic Flap Bag with (iconic) prints like Coco Chanel, Ladies First, Feministe Mais Feminine letterings. The Flap Bag also shows iconic symbols like the Camellia flowers, CC logo in black and white and of course, that includes the famous no5 Chanel perfume bottle.

READ: Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Bag Collection Preview

In another picture, the Brazillian supermodel is carrying an extra mini flap bag on her shoulder while sitting near the river and enjoying the view.

So what do you think?








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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014


Fashion has been bright, fabulous and vibrant in 2014 and our favorite fashion bloggers have made it even more interesting with their creative outfit combinations and unique personal styles. We always look to celebrities and It girls for inspiration when it comes to the best ways of putting the season’s fashion trendsinto action and today’s powerful social platforms and popular fashion blogs provide the freshest ideas to this end. They are great sources of fashion ideas, since they are updated frequently, besides most of the girls demonstrate the correct ways of working high-end designs into casual looks, which is what most of us want to do skillfully. Below, we have rounded up the top 10 fashion bloggers of 2014, who have stood out with their unique perception of fashion and beauty!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014

1. Chiara Ferragni from

Thinking of the world of fashion blogging, Chiara Ferragni is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind, as she’s an epitome of success and a unique style that influences the entire world. The famous Italian blogger has managed to turn her name into a brand, launching her signature shoe line that is conquering the world with its flirty designs. 2014 has been an even more successful year for her, as she has managed to take her shoe line to the US market, hasgenerated $8 million this year, as well as has been included in the list of the most influential people from New York Fashion Week by Forbes, besides the numerous collaborations with high-end fashion and beauty brands. She has also bought a house in Los Angeles, permanently residing there while leading her globetrotting life. She’s a true inspiration for her over 3 million Instagram followers, showing how to dress in the laid-back style incorporating sporty chic and vintage details into her everyday looks, as well as managing to look equally chic on the red carpet.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

2. Kristina Bazan from Kayture

Luxury and elegant fashion is the definition of Kayture, a chic blog run by beautiful Kristina Bazanfrom Switzerland. Collaborating with Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Cartier, Tod’s and many other famous names in the fashion world, she manages to look feminine and chic every time she steps out the door, whether that’s a casual stroll in the city or a red carpet event. Kristina is getting more and more followers in the fashion world, and she’s now working on developing a successful music career too. She definitely deserves to be in the list of the best fashion bloggers of 2014!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Kristina Bazan from Kayture

3. Nicole Warne from Garry Pepper Girl

She’s vibrant, unique and she knows how to add a splash of color to her stylish outfits and to the editorial-worthy photos she shares with her big army of followers. Nicole Warne is a master at wearing the red lipstick with winged eyeliner, creating the most elegant and feminine looks and transferring lots of positive energy through her colorful photos taken on the most remote parts of the world. It’s hard to imagine the world of fashion blogging without her creative website: Garry Pepper Girl

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl

4. Aimee Song from Song of Style

Always having the perfect smile on her face, Aimee Song hits the most important fashion weeks twice a year, at the same time sharing her endless adventures from the coolest destination spots you’d dream to visit once. She knows how to wear literally any trend doing that really flawlessly. The famous “songstress” (from her blog’s name Song of Style) is also a master at taking colorful and unique photos, providing a huge source of inspiration for leading a healthy, vibrant and stylish life.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Aimee Song from Song of Style

5. Julie Sariñana from Sincerely Jules

Julie from Sincerely Jules is the coolest type of a girl, who looks perfect on a daily basis pulling off flirty sundresses and short denim shorts matched with her favorite ankle booties. Add effortless beachy waves and powerful accessories and you’re going to win the love of millions of followers on Instagram. She is a famous globetrotter as well, sharing her wonderful experiences with her fans through her unique shots from different parts of the world.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules

6. Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea

LA based blondie and cutie Shea Marie has tried her hand at designing as well this year, coming up with a limited series of killer shoes designed for Steve Madden. She’s a natural beauty, who always knows how to create the most inspiring outfit combinations, sizzling at fashion weeks and various important fashion events. She has also numerous collaborations with A-list fashion designers, such as Dolce & Gabbana. So make sure to check out her blog to see how fashionably she travels the world, having lots of fun!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea

7. Negin Mirsalehi

Amsterdam based fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi is a beautiful girl with a distinctive European style. She can be elegant and classy one day, changing her look easily the next day looking kind of grungy or sporty chic. It’s her lush long locks and perfect face that don’t change, always looking impeccable, and her blog – – is the ultimate destination for discovering the latest trends and the best ways of nailing them down.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Negin Mirsalehi

8. Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast

Neely is one of those coolest fashion bloggers, who have managed to try their hands at something more than blogging. She is now modeling and acting as well, while continuing her fruitful collaborations with famous brands, at the same time influencing thousands of newly emerging fashion blogs with her cool laid-back style. Fashion Toast is sure to provide endless inspiration to you when it comes to looking naturally stylish and beautiful and enjoying life.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast

9. Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook

Mexican born and Amsterdam based Andy has been running her inspirational blog for 7 years already, sharing her dreams, goals and stylish looks with her followers. It’s due to her devotion and hard work that she has got so many accomplishments in the world of fashion and modeling now. Her blog is flooded with editorial-worthy pictures illustrating her always-changing style, from grunge and punk rock looks to sporty chic and elegant fashion. What’s not to love about Style Scrapbook?

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook

10. Eleonora Carisi from Jou Jou Villeroy

Eleonora Carisi is one cool and funky girl with a high sense of fashion. She knows how to pose for the cameras in the streets and how to party with her friends, while looking drop-dead gorgeous trying the most imaginative and unexpected clothing combinations ever. She’s young, beautiful, successful and talented and she definitely has a lot to share with you on her blog, JouJouVilleroy!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Eleonora Carisi from Jou Jou Villeroy

Photos courtesy of TheBlondeSalad, Kayture, GaryPepperGirl, SongofStyle, SincerelyJules, PeaceLoveShea, NeginMirsalehi, FashionToast, StyleScrapbook, JouJouVilleroy

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