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For mini bags lovers out there, this Hermes Verrou Chaine Bag might tickle your fancy. Feminine, flirty, and stylish, this newest Hermes bag is the ideal everyday companion for women who are always on the go.

If you remember, the Hermes Verrou Bag has been released in 2010 but this time around, Hermes is introducing the Chaine version which has a chain strap to boot. The first Hermes Verrou Bag was a strapless pochette version and if you’re wondering, Verrou is a French word which means lock which is the reason why you’re seeing a security case lock on the font of this bag.

Made from genuine Mysore goatskin with Palladium plated lock shape closure, this stunner is definitely worth the investment. Measuring 7” x 5” x 2”, the calfskin is priced at $9050 USD, Mysore Goatskin is priced at $8000 USD, €5300 euro, £4860 GBP, available via Hermes boutiques.





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First, Hermes introduced the Octogone Bag and we did fall in love with its beauty. Just when you thought you couldn’t fall in love the second time, the French brand has released a clutch version of our favorite Octogone Bag.

The Octogone Bag has swept us from our feet when it first came to fashion store and was even branded as the next Birkin. True to that, everyone just seems to adore its hardbody and geometric sexy silhouette which is both feminine and boyish at the same time. Talk about an androgynous bag.

Now this time around, the Hermes Octogone Clutch Bag has hit the stores. It comes in Epsom calfskin and in silver and palladium plated hardware. What we love about this is the fact that it has a hand strap, which comes in handy! It comes in three different colors that you can choose from: red, indigo blue, and black (even more at the boutiques).

The Hermes Octogone 23 Clutch Bag measures 9” x 7.9” x 2.5” inches and is priced $4525 USD via Hermes boutiques.



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Azap Wallet again?

Yes, it’s not in the TGM size, which means extra large. Do you love extra large wallets?

If you are carrying a medium size bag or larger, I’d say; why not carry a bigger wallet? You can get things more organized and you have the right bag to slip it in.

The Hermes Azap TGM Wallet is everything you need – minimalistic design, crafted from Epsom Calfskin and refined in palladium plated zipper closure.

The interior is made with 10 credit card slots, 4 additional pockets, billfold pocket and change purse with zipper. And it’s available in many colors, so pick your favorite one (or ones!).

Just a hint: Christmas is coming up or you can choose for an early Christmas gift, because you deserve it.

Measuring 9.1’ x 6.3’ inches, priced at $3975 USD via Hermes boutiques.


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Apple x Hermès Équateur Tatouage Band

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If you’re a Apple fan, or an Hermès fan for that matter, you would already know about the collaboration between both powerhouses on the Apple watch, and with the holiday season just around the corner, here’s something else you can consider for the loved one who already has such a timepiece.

Simply known as the Équateur Tatouage, it’s a new single tour band printed with a scarf motif designed by Robert Dallet on black calfskin. Look closely and you’ll see a leopard lurking amongst the lush jungle foliage, a print from the archives of the French luxury house that dates back to 1988.

Priced at SGD628 (just to be sure, it’s just the band with the watch sold separately), you will only be able to pick it up from Hermès’ newly-renovated boutique at Takashimaya Department Store.

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Riding in Cars With Bags: Hermés Rides Shotgun in This Week’s Look Inside the PurseForum

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Hermes Bulletin Board

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Get your Hermes news highlights in one convenient place!

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PurseBop’s Indian Hermes Surprise – Take Two, Part Two

PurseBop has new H treats from India! Follow the full reveal narrative and picture storyboard on the post.

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Should a Bag be an “Investment”?

Buying a luxury bag is an expensive endeavor, and sometimes we wonder what we really get out of it. Let’s talk: Should a bag be an “investment”? Get into the debate and discover which bags have the best resale value on the post.

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Hermes CDC: The “IT” Accessory…

The Hermes CDC bracelet has slowly garnered its place as an “it” accessory. Discover an in-depth history behind the Hermes “Collier de Chien” design and see why the CDC continues to be so loved.

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The Hermes Horse Exhibition in Mumbai

Hermes’ first client was actually the horse! To honor its equestrian roots, Hermes brought the Hermes Horse Exhibition to Mumbai. Follow as PurseBop gives you the full details on the event.

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The Many Shades of Hermes…

Aside from creating beautiful bags, Hermes is a color expert too! Explore the fashion house’s history with color and their many shades through extensively labeled color charts. Don’t forget to join the conversation on BopTalk for an exclusive preview of Hermes SS16 colors from PurseBop.

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Hermes Highlight: The HerBag Zip

With fall in full gear and the holiday season coming up, it’s time to find the perfect everyday bag to hold your busy life together! Explore the Hermes HerBag Zip and all its features in PurseBop’s reference guide.

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Feeling caught up with your Hermes highlights? Look out for our future bulletin notices!

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